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Hello sirs.

A long time ago in an internets far, far away there was an IRC channel on EFNet called #zopharsdomain. Back when Zophar was actually running the show with SwampGas and the rest of the oldskoolers backing him up. It was a good time, with lots of fun, zounds of internet drama and the love for classic video games and emulation. It's been somewhat dead for quite some time, but as one of the old moderators of the channel I've reacquired the channel for great justice! Along with my cohort Evan_G, I'd like to invite you to some friendly emulation-related chat! We'd really appreciate the return of some of the old regulars, if they are still in existence out there. ;D

Just to be competely clear: This is not any type of spam. It is simply an invitation to rebuild a long waning social circle that seems to have been lost with the ages.

(I don't know if there's another channel in existence on another network, but it all started on EFNet. ;D)
I personally think that it would be great to have #zopharsdomain revived. I think that the emulation scene from 1998-2004 was a golden age of the appreciation of video games, I and I would like to document it with the people who were there to experience it.

Remember the time when zsnes got weekly updates? Remember the drama when Final Burn got discontinued? Remember the vicious times when MrGrim was accused of stealing code from the SNES9x? These are things that made the community memorable.

(I'm Evan_G on Efnet, btw).
I was just informed that the official IRC channel for ZD is on EsperNet. Still, if you remember the old days of emulation and feel like stopping by for some retro talk you're very welcome to the classic channel on EFNet. :D
Well, welcome (back) to ZD. I hope that you guys will stick around. We really do need more activity here (especially my debugger tutorial!)

As you well know, I stopped by your channel to let you know about our official channel. As long as you state that your channel is unofficial and you point to the official channel (which you did, thank you), I'm fine with it being around.
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