Inspiration abounds lately for me, dont really know why though. After nearly a month and a half of not writing anything since writing the engagement poem for my fiancee I'm writing like crazy the last few days. I wish I knew why... was sitting here last night listening to the new Cyan remix from when at the very last possible moment of the song it caught my heart in just the right way and I replayed the melody and wrote a song from it, which I just finished this morning. I dont mind writing all the time heh, just weird after not writing for a while and with Amanda gone back home to be inspired so suddenly... maybe its being on the boards , because thats where I've written 2 of the 3 new poems, I dont know. Just know it feels great to write again...

"Our Love is all that matters anymore"
By:Tony Silver
dedicated with <3 to my fiancee Amanda Finnigan
Oh my love,
what can I do
Being so far from you,
so much pain in my heart,
its as if i'm falling apart...

Ever since
we parted ways,
why couldnt
you just stay?

Here inside my lonely heart,
our love will never depart,
I love you,
theres no one else...
for now and all time...

Tears fall like the rain,
everytime I whisper
your sweet name,
but you are nowhere around..
to keep them
from falling down..

Why cant I
just hold you again,
when will this pain
ever end?

It wont end
till I'm back with you,
sharing the love
that will always be true
Love that lights the very stars,
whether we're near
or we're far..

Where are you now
my love?
I wish to hold
you just once more...
In my arms,
thats all I want..

Lying beside you,
lying beside you..
as you sleep so soundly again...
but what can I do...
so far from you...
so far from all that matters,
our love is all that matters
to me , my love anymore....
<3 End <3

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Agreed. Nice job, Tony. :)

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