Inacccessible Accepted Hack


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Hi, guys. Thanks for accepting my COVID Trek hack. It's an Atari 2600 hack of the game Defender, and there was no option for selecting that system when submitting, so it posted a bit funny after acceptance.

It's currently sitting in My Hacks as part of the Gameboy section, mainly because I had to select the --- item under Gameboy to get the submission to post.


When selecting the direct link to the hack, or when selecting the Gameboy link, there site directs to the Gameboy URL, where the hack is (correctly) not listed.


In effect, the hack cannot be accessed. Is there a way to create an Atari 2600 section and move the hack over to it, including all previous screenshots, text, and IPS/readme .zip submitted?


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Right, that's proper screwed up.

I added an Atari 2600 category, and I moved your hack there.

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