I think we need it like back in the day


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I was gone for so long from here. I found GOD recently and I wanted to visit the place that kept me alive in my darkest hour.

I'm not bitching I'm just writing to say it's sad that this forum that was so dear to me is so vacant in postings. I remember many here with real names like Ian "wonderful man", Jason "mischevious/brilliant", Mark, Roger RIP good man, so many others I'd forgotten with my memory. We would post like mad, 9954 posts for me and I've been gone around 10 years now.

I learned so much here. I learned about linux, I learned about IRC and IRQ, I learned that we could post so much we'd piss Swampgas off to no end by overloading his Debian setup, sorry dude it was never on purpose.

Well the point of this post is that there needs to be some more posting, the last 3 times I was here my post in the talk of the town was the only one and it's been a week. We did a post every few minutes 10 years ago. I just want to ask that the lurkers sign up and make this place shine like back then. People knew about Zophar's Domain I met in real life. I was a mod here on the forum and proud of it to. I was fair and a little to forgiving at times.

I miss this place where I had friends I considered the greatest people I had ever met, kind, compasionate, superior intelligence, open minded, helpful to excess when someone was in need going above and beyond always.

Come on, just sign up and for the love of GOD will someone else post in Talk of the Town. I love you all and I hope to have something to read that I'll enjoy or connect with.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Here's a good one. Went to a church service 2 sundays ago at a bed and breakfast in my town, really upscale place. Well a guy that worked there I told him I was looking for a wife for myself to get married and I thought a church would be a great place to look. WELLLL, fun mixup. I'm 59 and the guy turns immediately and says follow me. I'm thinking he knows someone so I follow, this is such and such Shawn you should talk, "This is Shawn and he's here looking for a wife and here for the service "see the wording". I was talking with her and she was amazing and wealthy looking and likely almost 70 but still looking quite beautiful. She's talking then something sounds like she's married, I panic and friendzone myself thinking it's the moral thing to do in a church setting. She keeps talking unaware I'm on purity mode no bad thoughts, she's getting more personal and I tell her I'm still pretty corrupt in my thinking and I'm trying to change. She responds with "Well between 14 and 22 I was wild and it would shock you" "I said something" then she said "I still feel 14 INSIDE" shit she's flirting hard in church. At the end of our interaction she says "I'll be in town 3 days and the I'm going to Florida". She was married and the other churchgoers are upset since I said when I asked since it seemed she was flirting with me". Not going back now.

If this was a year ago I would have worn that woman out in those 3 days since I'm so glad she propositioned me thinking "Shawn as a service" not realizing I have a quite long tongue but my self esteme is tweaked right now. Kind of fucked up for a first day in that church and they are super conservative.
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