I need help!


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Hello! im sorry if im doing this wrong im just kinda desperate now and i need some help, i have been trying to get a NeoGeo Ragex for my computer for months, i used to have one that worked with my old pc but i lost it and the friend that give it to me passed away a year ago, i dont know what to do anymore, im really bad at computers. if someone pls can help me to get a funtional Neo Ragex for my computer ill be very thankful.


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Welcome to the Internet! We have a lovely tool called Google that can answer all basic inquiries such as yours. If you type in what you're looking for, the very first link will often contain just that! In fact, since you're new to the Internet, I'll even go a step further and link you to exactly what you need.


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Nah, it's a legitimate problem. I used neoragex for the longest time as well. The last couple of releases don't seem to work straight out of the box. Might be a windows7 thing or bios issue or some other nonsense. If I figure it out, I'll post back, but I've had the same issue.
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