I found something weird.


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While snooping around some Japanese SEGA website mirror a few weeks ago, I found something a bit strange. I somehow found a pure HTML archive page within the mirror that had strange info about an unknown upcoming game that I believe could be Space Harrier 3. If you haven't heard of Space Harrier, then go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Harrier. It had a few spinoffs, and a sequel. Then it just disappeared for a while. But when searching the site, I found that SEGA may just be working on a third title. Anyway, the page was a sort of small archive of pictures and music. I snooped around, clicking the links until one got my attention. It was a WAV file, named SPACEHARRIER3. I'm a fan of the series, so I wanted to check it out. The WAV file certainly sounded like a Space Harrier level, but it was an entirely new song. It also sounded like it was synthesized using the old Yamaha chip that SEGA used many times in their older games. I could only speculate that this could be another sequel, and that they were going to use the 'classic' video game feel for it, much like what Capcom's doing for Mega Man 9. Now, I don't know if any of this stuff is really happening, whether it could be an elaborate hoax or not either. The mirror was at least a year old, so it's possible they discontinued work on it. It could even be from a completely different game. Yet, it was proof that SEGA had the idea, and they may still. Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts on the subject.

P.S. The pictures on the archive were nothing special, just assorted SEGA game pics. Because of this, I did not salvage any.

P.P.S. Also, I still have the WAV file on me, so if anyone wants to listen, I'll put it up on Megaupload.


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Yeah, it was a mirror of the official Japanese webpage.

Is no one else interested?

(Also, sorry for double post)

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Well he's gone now (at least according to when he was last online).

The other thread he started you guys talked in about a moderating issue probably wouldn't help if he came back.


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There were all these pictures and stuff and yet he gives us no picture or even a link to anything regarding this mirror site. He hints that there were more on SH3 than just the Wave file, but somehow he hasn't salvaged that either.

Well it all sounds like a hoax to me. First he says "some Japanese SEGA website mirror" and then he says it's "a mirror of the official Japanese webpage".

Now, if what he says is true my guess is that this is info regarding an old abandoned idea to make a Space Harrier 3. The Yamaha style sound on the wave file suggests it was intended for the Megadrive/Genesis.


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Okay, I'm back, although after this post, I'll re-register as ultraVex. Just a heads-up.

As for the replies,

The mirror's long gone now, so I really can't prove anything, you're just gonna have to trust me on this one. Also, you said:

First he says "some Japanese SEGA website mirror" and then he says it's "a mirror of the official Japanese webpage".

Context error. Thanks for noticing my typos. Also, the pictures and other files on the page had nothing to do with Space Harrier. I do believe one was a banner or logo for the page.

Also, I'm not sure if they were gonna release it for the Genesis either, like some kind of Anniversary-type thing, but I have no idea.

As for the file…
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