I bought a game today.

> Me too. My mom bought a box of NES carts at a Çhurch rummage
> sale about seven years ago....one of them is in
> Japanese...it's an old FF2...she won't give it to me. <img src=smilies/cry.gif>

Haw <img src=smilies/laff.gif>

Btw, how'd that C in "Church" get a cedilla curl? <img src=smilies/eek13.gif>
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> Btw, how'd that C in "Church" get a cedilla curl?

Happens to me sometimes when I'm typing on my Treo. ;) PocketPCs are known to do that too... just hit the Alt key an extra time, and it starts going through the other character sets.
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beadsprites and PSFs, oh my!</P>
More power to you. I plan to BUY the remakes for the features i was looking for.
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