I am on a quest to find a missing song


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Hello, my name is InductiveGrub and I have been searching for this lost song from a game I am not sure where it is from. Some of you may have heard the song clip from TikTok or have seen this Pigcasso meme. I have contacted the person who initially uploaded it to TikTok but when I contacted him, I was told he doesn't know where it is from. I even posted on r/NameThatSong and multiple people are searching for this song as well and it seems that no one knows where it is from. If anyone has any information on where it came from, that would be amazing!
Are you sure it's from a game?
Tbh, I don't know if it's from a game. I asked the same question in another forum and some Senior Member said "I know exactly where it's from and I won't divulge the information until I get a written agreement from all uploaders to reimburse the copyright holder for every view they got from stealing the song.
" He's gatekeeping the one song nobody can find.
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