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Hello there, I am new here, seems like a big site

I got a quick question, is there a way I can play old games, on my PS2, without having a mod-chip or swap magic? Like if I make a ISO?
Have you tried using FreeMCBoot with ESR ? it works the same and as long as you have a friend with a modded ps2 or some borrowed Swap Magic discs and a memory card with some freespace it'll cost you $0.
I am from the US...where can I get a mod chip? and how do i install one?

uhm, to be honest, Im not to sure if you can ask about that here. I'd have to talk about Edman on that, since that is a bit of a legal grey area, since it circumvents copy protection.

it would be like asking a no-CD crack for a popular game. So as it stands, I'm not going to offer that information. You are on your own, and I feel a lock is in order. If Edman finds that it's alright to provide you with onformation, then I'll reopen the topic. Just remember, google is your best friend. :)
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