Hypothetical question about adding a score counter to a game like Megaman 2

king killa

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Probably none of the old school serious hackers are still around, but maybe?

How much work would be involved in creating something like a score tracker in Megaman 2?

I'm thinking, each time you attack an enemy it would need to add to a new memory pointer, while still decreasing the enemies health.

Is this too much to bother with?
What you would probably want to do is figure out where the hit detection routine is, and slap it in there, but adding code is always tricky, as you need to find unused space in the bank to pull it off. If you can you can JSR to the empty space and then RTS back without the game really knowing.

On top of that, you would need to program in an actual score counter, which would be much more difficult, I would look at megaman 1's code for some of that. :p
Very cool. Displaying the score would probably be the most difficult part, but getting it into storage would be good enough for a start. At least I could pull it up in the emulator debug stuff and see the score that way.

Probably never going to do this, I was just doing a play-through of Megaman 2 and thought it would be interesting.

I guess the idea gave me a nostalgia boner for this place.
Also, forgot to mention, you would of course need to find unused RAM to store the score in as well, so there are various challenges in this. ;)
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