How do you guys deal with user signatures/avatars?

I moderated/administrated some forums, too. And I always use a very strict policy. I was famous for my cut down of signatures which were as big as a hole post. But it was unpopular of course. I didn't care. If you post signature pictures with 640x480 px it is way too big! Just because somebody likes a wallpapersize image it doesn't mean the others want to see it in all replies with a text like "ok cya later"...

The job of an admin, supermod or mod isn't always easy and comfortable. But sometimes you have to act like Darth Vader on his flagship. People must have respect. I suggested once, warned once and kick banned forever if necessary. Over time the community understood the rules and accepted the suggestions. But respect is not only a matter of power and fear ;) You have to act like a leader. If you don't, i.e. by posting just nonsense, rumours or lies..... you might lose your position in the best case. In the worst case the forum will lose the good users and attracts and motivates idiots who take the forum to a hell ride until the bitter end.

There were always many users who wanted to be promoted for different reasons, but I never gave a away such positions until I saw how the candidate acts over a longer time. But some forum owners just don't care and promote users they like without thinking. And the forum Iconoclast showed... seems to have this type of forum owner.... and this person obivously has no sense for style, usabilty or anything necessary to lead a community.

As for Zophar I'm very confident and I don't think people here would abuse signature settings.
The only issue I see here at Zophar's is respect. There are concerns of cruel wisdom, but there's always some kind of poison motivating one to prefer to define "disrespectful righteousness." Me personally I've prefered disrespecting myself (optimistically), parents, and sometimes nature when I get all schizophrenic about everything turning against my luck. Many people only disrespect everything else.

[He did care for his site, and he knew the people he made moderators. He didn't care about how unprofessional something looked; he just didn't like the old site. First when I was a moderator of the old site he asks and gets moderator for a couple forums. Then when I decide to moderate a graphics forum he requests that, too. Then when the admin realized super moderators were needed the active ones requested it including me, and then he's the fifth one to request it. He starts hard-deleting posts and doing everything the admin doesn't want to do (but would never confront the way he is), and I start talking about it with him. He says you don't get to tell me what to do :D, and now that me and Soushkin boomed that forum active by deleting the spamming that the super moderators themselves did (until one of them reacted by deleting everything else), he (the new site admin I'm still referring to) tells us we're way the fuck out of line.

So the guy drops college, loses his girlfriend, and his friend life turns to shit very recently. Whatever's left of nature here won't respect that self-lying rat.]


I say we should castrate the people disobeying the rules.

As for the lack of respect, I don't see it. There's been different opinions on some matters, yes, but to talk about a lack of respect is exaggerating.
If I'm banned by Mr. Lead you will see the moderation part of what I meant by respect. :D In fact the moderation over at that EF forum is only worse in the sense that they don't have any damn business or purpose there, and the moderators are generally clueless but don't overthink and brainstorm how to moderate in public posts either. :D :D :D

And since Edman ain't back here yet to step in on whether admins can change who are content managers for him and notice the site theme changed I'm starting to think more about why this SwampGas guy stopped caring.
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