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Hello, all. I'm currently dabbling with a proof-in-concept for the SNES game, NBA Jam TE. I'm not versed in SPC / sound editing for the SNES, so I'm hoping someone might take me up on the request below.

Tl;dr version: Looking for help finding the pointer table in the SNES ROM, NBA Jam - Tournament Edition.

Currently, I'm looking to take two sound clips (I may be off on the numbering, but approximates are 33.wav (Supersonics) / 34 in SNESSOR and 64.wav (Bullets) / 65 in SNESSOR) and replace them with sound clip 65 / SNESSOR 66 ("AHHHHHH!" sound). Looking for help in one of two ways (hopefully neither is much of a time commitment):

1) I haven't had any luck finding a sound pointer table to locate the sounds such that I can simply change the pointer for these two sound bytes to the "AHHHHH!" sound clip. If it's as easy as this, and someone can help me locate that pointer table, I'd really appreciate it!

2) Eventually, I may want to replace the sound clips themselves. Acknowledging this will require clips of lesser or equal size, and that I may need to pull them from other ROMs, currently I'm just looking to see how a sound clip (such as "AHHHHHHH!") might be extracted to raw BRR data and reinjected into the ROM to replace the noted sound clips. If someone can instruct me on how this can be done, it'd be a huge help.

(Note that I attempted to replace the sound clips via SNESSOR, including changing speeds to both slow down and speed up the sound clips. The resulting ROM either provided no sound when the clip was to play, or it played some brief noise.)

Please let me know if you can help. Thanks to all of you who read this.

(Credit will be generously provided to those who can solve my issue.)
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