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Take roughly a week's vacation from here (cuz of busily working on school and work crap) and http://www.zophar.net/wwwthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=diaries&Number=80876&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=0&part=1#Post81171this stuff</a> happens again.

Once again, people who are saying the message board is trivial are crossing triviality by complaining (complaining about a supposedly meaningless thing makes it meaningful). I've stopped counting how many times this has happened here. I *will* also say that the others who flamed back didn't help the issue either, so everyone's at fault. But hey...we're all still friends I would hope...everyone needs to subside them harsh feelings toward one another. Onto the issues...

First off, the "soap opera"ish stuff on this board has a right to be here cuz...*drumroll* this is a fucking diary board! Sam made it, he's in charge, that's pretty much that. In fact, anyone who has a problem with the drama should actually be happy that Sam made this board because it relieves some of the drama that was in TotT. Even still...some people are more dramatic than others, get used to it.

Suicide. I dunno...where to begin. Yea, "it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem". Even though that's a true statement, it doesn't solve anything. A suicidal person doesn't think about it being a permanent solution to a temporary problem because A: They don't see the "problem" as only temporarily affecting them and B: It's hard for most people to correctly assess the value of their life when they're very depressed.

Calling suicide selfish is pretty silly...how much does the newly dead person GAIN by ending their life? Absolutely nothing...my my...that's so damn selfish! /sarcasm. Not only that, but do you really think that someone considering suicide does not think about the trauma it will cause everyone around them? Someone like that would have a cold heart, and I don't think most people wanting to commit suicide have a cold heart. In fact, that's what keeps most suicidal people from committing suicide...knowing that some of the many or few people who love them will be traumatized if it happens. If someone commits suicide, yea they made a bad decision...yea they fucked up...but saying that they're a bad person for it (which is what calling them selfish is) is flawed judgment.

Tell you what...I agree with the "selfish" statement, but on one condition: change suicide to homicide. A homicidal person is selfish. They kill someone, they STILL live, the killed person's loved ones are severely traumatized...THAT is selfish. Obviously, killing someone is more than just selfish, but you get the point.

In conclusion, this is not a flame, but just my opinion on these matters.

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I agree with your points on suicide. Some people may be attention seekers. Hell, most of us are. That's why I tell jokes about people's moms every chance I get.

But times when I felt suicidal, I didn't really have shit goin on. I'm not a family man. The family I was raised in is pretty screwed up and I don't see them much. I'm a loner. It seems clear to me it wouldn't have made much difference one way or the other to the world at large.

But I found my motivation to live - for myself. Now you could argue that that is selfish! Bwaaaa! But that's just plain silly.

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