Hardest games youve ever played

What's your prefered difficulty

  • Insane: No mercy. Old school Nes style rage inducers

    Votes: 6 14.0%
  • Hard: Frustratingly control breakingly hard

    Votes: 7 16.3%
  • Moderate: Right mix of challenge and frustration. Just right

    Votes: 27 62.8%
  • Easy: Boring casual gamers zone

    Votes: 3 7.0%

  • Total voters
SNES: Another World

Really what were the programmers thinking? A game where you die if you take one wrong step. I have never seen anyone complete it.

PS the poll doesn't have an "all of the above" so I didn't vote. = P
Another World: as in "Out of This World"?

I've completed it , though, i used a tonne of state saves until i figured out what you need to do in each part.

(i.e. the game where yer just some kid and you start the game underwater, needing to swim upward , then you're pretty much running 90% of the game)

Reminds me a lot of "Flashback" and "Oddworld" series.
I'm not sure...I know they at least published the SNES version. Maybe they're the ones who handled that port of it.
So, I just tried IWBTG... It's embarrassingly hard. Plus, there's the tendency to just try going faster when you die, which just makes you die more often/faster.
For me, Gradius III and UN Squadron were THE games to beat without cheating. Back in the early 90s, my brother and I would compete on the Forest Fortress Stage in UN Squadron using only the F20 Tiger Shark and no special weapons. And I only beat Gradius III once and had to use the Game Genie. Once I figure out how UN Squadron is put together, it's getting a modern refreshing with new levels and planes!
I'm not sure...I know they at least published the SNES version. Maybe they're the ones who handled that port of it.

In Europe it's called Another World and both were made/ported by Interplay. They did a shit job porting it since you can't dump SPCs from it. The game is crazy in difficulty and it's just creepy.

The Hardest game I've played is Flashback - The Quest for Identity. I got up to Level 2 and I just gave up because of poor level design. I've played thousands of games and out of them, this is the hardest hands down. The controls are just plain horrible and confusing. I had to make a level modifier just to get past the second level.
Something tells me that there's not a single person on this board who would have any hope of beating Colossal Cave Adventure.
They did a shit job porting it since you can't dump SPCs from it.

yes, I could see the development team discussing it now:

"Hey so should we load all of the track data into SPC RAM?"
"Naw let's use something proprietary so that the one person that cares won't be able to dump it to SPC. You know that one format that won't been invented yet for another 10 or so years that we possibly couldn't know about in the first place"

But see, if a game doesn't have it's soundtrack on snesmusic.org, it's because the game sucks. Since you can't dump the SPCs from Another World, the soundtrack obviously doesn't appear on snesmusic.org, thus the game must suck.
Actually, to be honest; many people want the soundtrack in SPC format. The SPC format was basically invented with the chip. Just people learning to dump the chip's ram and tagging was what made it what it is today. It has it's ups and downs compared to the xsf formats.
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You'd have to be seriously stretching the definition of the word "many" for that statement to be true. I'm pretty sure if you add up the total number of people who have listened to a single SPC file at any point in history, you're probably not even coming close to an amount that constitutes "many".

I think many people find the SPC format (and any other console based format) to be a complete pain in the ass and much prefer their music in MP3 or OGG format.
It might be neat to have, but you can't say the port of it is terrible because you can't dump SPCs from it (that's the point). I mean, that's like me saying my computer sucks because it won't make me breakfast in the morning. It's not exactly a feature that the SNES is supposed to have. I don't think Nintendo told the devs "Ok you guys...make sure that years from now when emulators catch up to what we're doing that people can cleanly dump the RAM of the sound chip so they can play the music on their computers." ;)

Anyway, someone might be able to rip it as an SNSF (the PSF style format that's for SNES games). There are a few problem games/tracks ripped, such as that Lord of the Rings game (that evidently uses it's own sound subsystem and only uses the SPC for output), as well as the intro track to Tales of Phantasia.
They already are ripping SNSFs. Wario's Woods was the first. I guess we need to wait.

Another gaming experience:

A Boy and His Blob has lead me to believe that this is the second hardest game of all time. when you first start out, you have absolutely no idea on what to do but after a half an hour you figure out that you need to feed the blob jelleybeans to turn him into things. About a full hour it will take you to realize that you need to go down into the subway and turn him into a hole to make you fall and it will take you a little while longer to figure out that have to make another hole in the ground. You may take the rocket over the house to later waste your time to find that you went the wrong way! (That's just the beginning! Imagine ho difficult the rest of the game is!:rolleyes:)
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I see Castlevania Dracula X is the hardest game I have ever played. Especially the Dracula battle. I couldn't decrease even a half of his life bar before I fall into the bottomless pit!
Wonderful music, but insanely hard gameplay.
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