Hardball '94 (Sega Genesis) + Kega Fusion is giving me a headache, breaking full seasons

That 1994 MLB player strike when my team was the favorite by far (Montreal Expos). I didn't own a Genesis as a kid/teen and that game is perfect, its got the best edition ever of the Expos and I can do what it looks like it would happen in 1994, it was gonna be most likely Montreal vs Toronto world series. But now it's been 3 times where save states, either hard ones saved as files or save states using different slots so as not to lose progress, even if the rom itself supposedly saves your progress as you play a season, since May this year I played about 140 games spread over 3 seasons....never could finish one, either the power would go out while Kega Fusion was minimized (on my second desktop, a win10 desktop, kinda aging, but that doesn't really matter). After 2 power failures, the save states would look fine, I would play a game, and then the whole standings would be reset to zero and the same with the player stats in the other teams. My team wasn't affected, but it was impossible to go on....that game makes you look at the other games of the week by simulating them, and you have to finish the week when yours is over and look at boring scoreboards for a while, I use the backspace key to make that process go quicker. But anyways, if this happens, the game will always tell me there is games in the week that have not been played thus I cannot move to the next week.

Why would I want to anyways? Stats are messed up, everybody is reset to zero even if season breaks in August, it's an unfinishable task (yeah I made up that word). I think I'll be playing the PC version on DOSBox, I got the real CD which adds the MLBPA players. But I can't do that often on my main desktop (it's my work computer, it's also on Ubuntu, I know I can try and emulate there) but first I want to know. Is that game known to be buggy like this even on a regular Sega Genesis? I don't remember it to be so on PC, but imagine the frustration of having played 150 games, where I was first in the National League and overall MLB everytime except the first (not an easy game, the first season was getting used to it) for nothing, power failures or win10 rebooting by itself somehow where I would go to that desktop in the sun room where it is and see that the Kega window I had minimized was closed. But if I closed things on my own, things went well, especially with non-file save states, Save State As... and Load State As... and picking a file has been a protection I used in case my season got ruined and it worked once when the save state slot <1> magically had everything correct and was only 4 games back from where things went wrong.

I got about 8 roms for the game, but I play what I think I should play, the one with the (!) symbol, which is the cleanest transfer possible isn't it? I'm not very familiar with this, but I remember trying the newer roms with letters like r and others and the game was messing up in different ways. I own the old PC version, but I don't think the old computer will handle DOSBox (well, old, it's an i5 with 4 cores @3200mhz or such, but my main desktop with Ubuntu is an amd fx 8350 black edition octocore at @4200mhz and with a much much better video setup, 2 AMD video cards in CrossFire. It's just that I like to relax in that sun room to just play with my old, never-dying Logitech psx ripoff controller, that game, where I have gotten exceedingly good at, due to my persistence.

tl;dr Sorry for the first huge post, but shortly, Kega Fusion and Hardball '94 for the Genesis and the rom I assume I should be using, the one with no mods or touches to it, it's got the u and the ! in brackets and if I remember well, that's what I want. The frustration I'm going through with this is enormous, especially since last time when i made it to over 100 games, close to finishing the season and going into playoffs. Nah, stupid landlord cut the power for a few seconds without telling me, causing what seems to not be liked by that old desktop, even if its got a power variation protection in its PSU and also in the power bar itself, it will corrupt save states, and save states made as files eventually break down seasons (see the non-tl;dr for details). Is this game just buggy like that or another emulator would serve me best or I'm using the wrong rom file (there's about 10 of them for this game in my collection, but are my assumptions that the [!] is the best one, I assume so because I tried others and it didn't turn out well, very quickly)? Please don't say RetroArch, it's a huge thing to install and i'm not doing that on my second, older, desktop. Thank you!
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