Happy birthday thread

Reaper man

Yeah you know what fucking day it is today!


Damn right, bitches!

Anyone on the forums caught not celebrating my birthday within the next 24 hours, gets a banning, so get to celebrating! ;)

(And before anyone points out the birthday thread that I made that's already stickied as well, I didn't forget about it, I just wanted my own because I'm the forum admin here, which makes me special, so there)


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Sorry, man, too busy getting ready to celebrate my own birthday tomorrow to acknowledge yours. :)

mushroom blue

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Oh, you can wish me a happy birthday here as well. If you wish me it in both threads, I'll give you mod access!*

Happy Birthday.
understand that, as I've known you for almost a decade now, when you finally decide to hang out with me, you have so many birthday spankings coming.


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Happy birthday to instant_online_loans_003, advance_onlineAA03, payday_loans_uk_008, payday_loans_ag11 and bad_credit_loans_004!


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Happy Birthday Puduhead! I know... I have no idea when your actual birthday is. I'm just bored and manic as fuck. :\


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Happy birthday, neoblaze - a day late.

Here's a Polish tradition for birthdays. They don't really sing "Happy Birthday" to anyone because they really don't celebrate birthdays as much as they do name days. (I'm talking those that are in Poland, after a generation or 2 here those traditions go out the window - modern life.)

So here goes in Polish first then the translation

Sto lat, Sto lat,

niech zyje zyje nam.

Sto lat, sto lat,

niech zyje zyje nam.

Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz, niech zyje zyje nam.

Niech zyje nam!

100 years, 100 years

May you live 100 years

100 years, 100 years

May you live 100 years

Once again, once again, may you live 100 years.

May you live 100 years!

Happy birthday. I hope it was the best. :bigthumbup:
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