Happy Birthday LeTuM...you viking brute!


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coolieranx: I think accepting Christ should at least be worth a PlayStation 3</center></P>
> Also known as, UncleOral.
Seeing that it's probably like 1:00 AM there I'm guessing asleep.

Happy Birthday Letum. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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> Also known as, UncleOral.

Thanks mates, really crappy day yesterday though, Champions League game kinda overshadowed anything I had planned, and I hate watching Soccer (I love playing it though). =P

Was fun with all the kids coming for candy, I have this little witch holding her arms out over a scary pumpkin which holds the goodies.
One girl who seemed around 10-11 couldn't be persuaded to take it out of the pumpkin herself, she pleaded to me oh so gently if I couldn't do it for her.
She saw it coming though, whenever you try to fetch the candy, the witch quickly grabs you and lets out a terrifying shriek that almost scares me a little. XD

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