GB emulator with gameboy color palette support for older non-color games?


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Hello forum. I am trying to find a gameboy emulator that lets you play older games in more than just 4 preset colours.

The original Gameboy/Gameboy Pocket, and their early games (grey cartridges) only supported 4 colours. However if you inserted a non-color game (say for example Super Mario Land 2) into a gameboy color and powered it on, it would let you select between 12 different colour palettes on startup using the D-pad in combination with A or B. And since the GBC system knows how to differentiate between background tiles, sprites and other layers, it could use separate colours when drawing the different layers. So 10-16 colours could be achieved depending on the game, for games that originally only had 4 colours even if they weren't written with GBC or super-GB in mind.

However I can't seem to find any emulator that makes use of this, even when specifically selecting "GBC" as the system. Nor can I find any good info online. Has anyone had any success with this and know of any emulator that lets you select a colour palette? I am using Windows 10.
To answer my own question, I tested various emulators, and came across Gambatte which does the right thing. See example:

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