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If you mean roms, then I can't help you. You will have to look elsewhere.
If you mean hacks, you can download an ips patch and patcher program by clicking on the hacks or translations tabs on the top of the home page (or on the right).
Currently devoting precious leisure time to my hopeful discovery of the technique of implementing a translation patch to one of my already obtained japanese text snes roms as I don't read japanese. Current grateful discovery thanks to this thread-evidence of the existence of something called a "patcher program". Glee! *goes off to root around in new search for the aforesaid patcher program*
Uh, please stop bumping old old threads. If you have questions about patching ROMs, feel free to make a new thread.
Generally speaking, if there hasn't been a post in a thread (a reply in a topic) in more than a month or so, people should make a new thread. There are exceptions, of course, but this one was inactive for a couple of months. You can see the date of the last reply above the name of the last person to have replied.

If you are having any trouble patching your roms, just ask in the correct forum by making a new thread.
Speaking of 'where's the games'

All the roms on Zophar's downloads pages are 404ing.

I thought it might be a few games that've been remade, but it seems the entirity of them...

I wanted to play an old game I own, but I lack the last disk (It's scratched/broken), but since I cannot download a rom (Which I'd be doing so legally I might add *chuckle*)... Well, you get the point

Furthermore, I've noticed 98% of ROM sites have been shut down, new laws/regulations with classic roms now? *sigh!*
that site isn't affiliated with us and is dead. Don't ever ask about it again.

Actually, None of you ask about it again. Closed.
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