Game Emu Player v1.179


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Game Emu Player, kode64's foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for several game console music formats, was updated to version 1.179 on February 25th. The following changes have been made since our last posted version, 1.124:
  • Fixed RF5C68 count reporting (there can be only one)
  • Fixed NSF 4011 writes control
  • Hopefully fixed VGM muting on replay
  • Fixed VGM info retrieval crash
  • Fixed VGM attached AY chip resetting
  • Implemented VGM support for stand-alone AY chip
  • Fixed some AY chip types' pitch
  • Fixed a crash in VGM input
  • Implemented a tag database for all formats except for SPC
  • Fixed HES file hashing when the file header contains invalid metadata
  • Fixed KSS info reader
  • Fixed VGM PSG clock rate handling
  • Implemented VGM PSG dual chip volume reduction case
  • Fixed VGM PSG noise width info reporting
  • Renamed VGM PSG noise feedback and width info fields
  • Fixed NSF/E retagging when file writing is enabled
  • Eliminated messy register buffering and sorting from VGM player
  • Fixed Vgm_File Gd3 tag reading, which fixes OKIM6295 volume reduction for CP System rips
  • Fixed AY period frequency for VGM files
  • Fixed AY/SSG parts of YM2203/YM2608/YM2610B for VGM files
  • Reduced HES clock to 3579545Hz and adjusted timing and APU synthesis accordingly
  • Implemented HuC6280 support in VGM player
  • Implemented Capcom QSound support in VGM player
  • Added treble equalizer assignment in a few places that were missing it
  • Fixed playback speed of some HES rips
  • Implemented pitch control
  • Attempted to fix VGM tempo control
  • Improved QSound playback quality
  • Reverted VGM tempo change, or at least enough to disable the effects
  • Changed AY frequency to fix .ay files without breaking .vgm files
  • Now VGM supports dual YMZ280B chips
  • Added MSVC 2012 v110_xp platform
  • Disabled MSVC 2012 default of SSE2
  • Incremented version number checked by CNSFFile
  • Replaced Fir_Resampler with lanczos_resampler
  • Implemented SPC nearest and linear interpolation modes
  • Implemented internal RSN and VGM7Z readers based on File_Extractor ...Which I could have swore I already did the last time someone reported crashes in my silly archive redirector, which already depended on the user having existing RAR and 7Z unpackers installed ..And fixed the Data_Reader and File_Reader interfaces to use the new long and uint64_t types
  • Replaced snes_spc with higan accurate smp
  • Enabled SFM support
  • Extended SFM specification a bit
  • Fixed SPC/SFM seeking
  • Fixed applying mute masks, tempo, pitch control, and disabling silence detection when converting files with the override control enabled
  • Implemented tempo control in the new SPC/SFM players
  • More SPC playback fixes
  • Another amendment to the SFM BML metadata standard
  • Enabled profile guided optimization
  • Removed useless definition
  • Updated SPC playback again a bit
  • Replaced hard clipping in SPC/SFM input with floating point scaling outside of Game_Music_Emu itself
  • Fixed SPC tempo and pitch control
  • Moved DFC to its own submodule, as it was all that remained of foo_festalon anyway. It is located on Bitbucket.
  • Updated and fixed VGM OKIM6258 support from VGMPlay 0.40.4
  • Fixed DFC references
You can grab it at our Game Emu Player download page.

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