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Well I'm really bored, so I decided to write down the sequence of events that's once again got me stuck in Windows XP until I can upgrade ;>

9:00am - Managed to find my Redhat CD's, so I decided to give the new kernel a try. Couldn't hurt, could it?

11:am - Forgot to check if it was done installing already, which it was ;> Chose ext3 as the file system this time, as the 'bug' that I seem to be encountering causes the machine to freeze solid and corrupt the entire partition if using ext2. Ext3 seems to be able to recover from the problem a bit better, allowing for more experimenting :> Swap partition size: 650MB. Too large? Too small? :p

12:00-2:00pm - Tried various things that I'd do in Windows without any particular stability problems. Playing an MP3 in XMMS and starting xterm at the same time would cause the machine to freeze..the hard drive would become incredibly active for about 20 seconds, then everything would stop completely (XFree86 included).

3:00-5:00pm - After fiddling around with various kernel settings, including disabling various hardware entirely (such as leaving out support for the network card, removing frame-buffer support for video, disabling sound), the machine still froze up on things that I would personally consider to be fairly low activity (even locking up when KDE is -starting-, without having run any other programs). Went back to Windows XP, no problems ;>

I don't suppose anyone could recommend a support site or group that might have some idea what the problem might be?

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