Fuck you Colts


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Wow, what a sloppy game of football. I was rooting for the Bears but only because I really don't like Manning at all.

The Eagles made it a lot farther than I (or anyone else) thought and that made me happy. Hopefully they'll have a better year this year.

The commercials were pretty damn funny and Prince was interesting.
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The great thing about the Super Bowl is that one of the guys who was supposed to work tonight took a vacation day, so I came in for him and got paid 11 hours of overtime.

I gladly missed the game. I had absolutely no interest in either team.

I instead chose to spend my time IRC'ing in #pubes on irc.freenode.net, playing with TPC's new bot.
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>kevin rose

I just don't like this guy.
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> He's like one of those douchey friends you have that
> normally you would never kick it with but you do anyway for
> some reason.

I'd say he's more like an ex-washed up TV personality who just happened to get very, very lucky with the internet.

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