Front page not firefox friendly?


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I'm using firefox 3.6, a really popular browser, and the front page banner is blocking me from being able to click on the "emulators for windows" section. Is this a problem on my end or yours?
It's not the browser, it's Adblock.
The front page is apparently designed with the assumprion that the ads display correctly.
Bodomi is correct, it's a problem with Adblock. There is a way to get around it without disabling Adblock, however, if you're averse to doing so:

There's an awesome Firefox extension by the name of Nuke Everything Enhanced that allows you to remove any object from a page. You just right click on it and then click on 'Remove this object'. It works fine for removing the element on the front page that prevents you from clicking on the top few links.

Nuke Everything Enhanced also allows you to do things like highlight a bit of text or group of objects and then select 'Remove selection' or 'Remove everything else'. I find myself using it often to increase screen real estate or to get rid of annoyances. I used to use it to get rid of the damn smiley box to the side of the reply box until I just Adblocked those altogether. It's definitely one of my required extensions.
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ff 3.6.11 here with adblock plus

This doesn't happen to me

an attached image to show what it looks like for me


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What version of AdBlock Plus are you running? What non-default options do you have selected/deselected? What subscriptions do you use?

It's definitely an issue with AdBlock because when you disable ad blocking on the site, the problem goes away.
default options (what little there is).
there is something else with everyone's setup that may be used with ad blocking causing this, but other then that... couldn't tell you
It's more likely to be the other way around. I just took a fresh copy of Firefox 3.6.11 with nothing but AdBlock Plus installed and the same problem occurred. Noticing the NoScript extension in pipes' screenshot, I tried installing that, thinking that perhaps it would fix the problem, but no such luck.

What subscription(s) are you using with AdBlock? I tried EasyList and Fanboy's List but there was no difference between the two.
default whatever it installed
view filters show an easylist text file

my firefox extensions are no script, ABP, and java console.
basic plugins like adobe and java bullshit nvidia crap that forced its way through driver updates
windows 7 64bit
nothing fancy in the firefox options menu
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