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Before I saw ZD as normal. With no Ads (they must have been put in recently). Now that there's an Ad showing the Logo looks out of place (This is in Firefox 3/OS X and Safari 3/OS X).

Since I use adblock plus on Firefox I dont' really see the add but the space is still there.

My question is, isn't there enough space on the left or the right column to make a vertical ad placeholder instead of one next to the logo? It makes me think I'm in a dodgy site.

Example in Firefox (with Adblock Plus)

Example in Safari​

Also, since this question is more directed at Edman, let me just add that you can fix this (if indeed it's fixable) when you want. No hurries (please do take sometime before fixing this or else he'll come after me... again... ) haha :rolleyes:

But I still would like to hear reports if other people (using other browsers or not and also using adblock or not) have the same issue...


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I... wasn't sure that was such an issue. The problem is that the logo image is really a background, and it just moves using the background-position CSS attribute. I guess I could move it.

And the ads are going to be removed for registered users, you're just going to have to be patient for a while.

Either way, I am going to be changing the ads, as the performance is piss poor.

Here is ZD's front page in IE 6 with no ad blocker.
You need to press Ctrl+F5 to do a hard refresh. The page looks perfectly fine in my IE6.
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