Free Halo Reach Game to one lucky someone.


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Microsoft sent my a code for a free download of Halo Reach since the beta copy they gave me can't be updated. Since I already have a regular copy, one lucky someone here can get the code.

First person to ask I'll send to code to.
beware, if you don't have a beta software authorized console this type of thing may cause you to get banned from xbox live.

I have one of these myself.

Edit: I understand the download is for the non beta version, but if it is a code exclusively for members who received the preview disk, it could possibly be setup similarly. I find it strange you wouldn't just take it to a game exchange place next time you go to buy a new game? (the one you bought, I mean)
I was just about to do that, actually. It downloaded just fine. I haven't had a chance to play it yet since the weekend consisted of my fiance coordinating an art walk and one of her friends having a lifeform crawl out of her stomach and now said fiance is asleep on the couch in front of the Xbox and then I have to go to a poetry reading, but I'm sure it works just fine. Thank you very much!
For the record, I wouldn't play Halo anything even if you paid me.

And that's why you're a poor fuck. I haven't played anything Halo since the first one and I only got a few chapters into that. I was mostly interested in this one because I know some lesbians who are a fan of the series but don't have a 360.
Halo online is great for short bursts of gaming. A few rounds between classes back my first years of college was the great for maintaining sanity.
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