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Zophar's Message Domain rules are as follows:

  1. WATCH OUT FOR REAPER MAN! He does not forgive.
  2. No ROM/ISO/BIOS requests or requests for any other illegal files are allowed. You will be removed (banned) immediately.
  3. Use common sense when posting
  4. No spamming allowed anywhere. Spamming is posting off topic replies and double posting. All threads must have a topic. Before posting think "Will anyone want to read this?" and if not, either correct the post or go to a different thread.
  5. No porn.
  6. No heavy flaming allowed. Unlike other emulation communities, we're a bit more lax when it comes to flame wars, and we understand that sometimes, that's the only way you're going to get through to someone, BUT if you cross the line (and trust us, you'll know) we will take whatever action necessary.
  7. No advertising. URLs will be removed.
  8. Please, do not PM users asking for help with a specific issue you're having with an emulator, hack, etc. That's annoying to most of them. Also, when dealing with technical problems, you'll get more help if you create a thread about it in the correct place.
  9. No multiple accounts allowed. Please use the contact form if you are having technical difficulties.
  10. Use proper grammar. If English isn't your native language, use a spellchecker, such as the one in Firefox or Microsoft Word. If English is, use your brain. Your ability to spell is directly proportional to the amount of respect other members will treat you with. This includes no "AOLspeak." Use of the "words" u, ur, etc, will result in a warning. Second offense will result in a ban.
Remember - use your brain, post stuff others want to read, don't advertise, don't post porn, and you'll be OK. I and the rest of the ZMD staff team wish you a nice browsing experience.
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