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As a bit of background, this is something I wrote for a LiveJournal community where someone was basically saying this guy was racist because he dated a Japanese girl, and somehow Super Sentai versus Power Rangers came up... it made sense at the time... So I'm posting one of my posts, which is very tongue-in-cheek, but I wondered if anyone else could bullshit like this and keep it going. ;)

It would seem like Power Rangers would be a prime example of American racism at work - it's taking an original Japanese show, cutting it up, and "doing it better" than those crazy Asian people. And worse yet, it's owned by DISNEY now, so obviously "The Mouse" is further pushing his collective Nazi-like nature on the American children. And, of course, the American Power Rangers is often redubbed back into Japanese, so we're infecting the original source and perpetuating White Power.

Case in point - the original Yellow Ranger was Chinese-American, and the original Black Ranger was, well, black. When Tommy, the original Green Ranger lost his powers and was reincarnated as the White Ranger, he suddenly became an American Indian. Now, besides playing the race card, we can also make several assumptions.

The "White Ranger" was stripped from the Japanese "Dai Rangers" show - and the rest of the rangers were left behind. Effectively suggesting that "The White Man" was more important than his colored brethern. Despite Jason, the Red Ranger (perhaps an example of Soviet Russia?) having been "the leader", upon Tommy's re-introduction, Zordon immediately shoved Jason aside and congratulated Tommy, the new White Ranger, on being the group's new leader. Perhaps this was a reflection of Nazi-Germany and Soviet Russia falling from Superpower status, and America assuming that particular throne.

Also count that the White Ranger was the strongest of the group - wielding powers and abilities that the other Rangers wouldn't have been able to handle. ...So, as you can see, the original three seasons of the Power Rangers (despite their being on FOX -- truely the example for fake American 'drama' and sexuality) were all Saban's attempt at rejecting his Asian heritage, by taking the original Super Sentai show and twisting its message about family, honor, and teamwork, into yet another shining example of American Racism.

...Or, it was just a damn kid's show and no one put that much thought into it.
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> ...Or, it was just a damn kid's show and no one put that much thought into it.

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