Fix for Nobunaga's Ambition [Nobunaga no Yabou Game Boy Ban] GBS


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Hi, I couldn't figure if there was a general purpose email, so I'm making this post.

On your music page, there are two versions, one japanese, and the other english. The english version does not work in players. I thought it was a mal formed file, but apparently if you hex edit the 4th byte (gbs version) and change it from 02 to 01 it will work. Other files may have this issue as well.

I found this file from other sources, and they all have this problem. I eve found a program that converted gb to gbs but it produced an invalid file as well. Could be it is the source of the issue.

I've attached a corrected version.


  • Nobunaga's Ambition [Nobunaga no Yabou Game Boy Ban].zip
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What player are you using? I am not having any problems playing the version posted on this site. I am using the current versions of Winamp and NEZplug++.


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I use foo-gep in foobar2000. I tried it with nezplug and it did work. I haven't used winamp in a long time. But it's good to know it works in other players.
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