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FB Alpha (Final Burn Alpha), a CPS-1, 2 and Neo-Geo emulator has been updated.

Here's the what's new:

Burner (interface) changes
  • Added a game information dialog to burner
  • Tidied up the game selection dialog and seperated Kaneko 16 and Psikyo
  • Added a context menu to the game selection dialog
  • Added a most recently played games menu item
  • Changed the roms dir config dialog to support upto 8 paths
  • Fixed an issue with the roms dir config dialog that didn't let the user clear an entry
  • Added the roms dir config dialog to the Misc menu
  • Added a dialog to configure support files (previews, titles, flyers, marquees, controls, cabinets, pcbs, cheats and history) and added it to the Misc menu
  • Added an option to the Misc menu to stop FBA playing with the Num Lock status (don't use this if you use a Hotrod or X-Arcade stick)
  • Added an option to the Video menu to auto-switch to full screen after loading a game from the selection dialog
  • Added iq_132s improvements to the cheat system
    [*] Adds support for Nebula/Kawaks cheat dats
    [*] Adds limited (although most cheats work) support for the old format MAME cheat.dat file
    [*] Adds cheat support to drivers using the ZET interface, or NEC, SH-2 and M6502 CPUs​
  • Added a basic cheat search engine
  • Added a jukebox player - this is very preliminary and only supports WWF Wrestlefest for now (it has many problems for now)
  • Added a menu item to write decrypted C Neo-Geo roms to disk
  • Various little GUI fixes/improvements[/INDENT]

Burn (emulation) changes
  • Merged in Oopsware's changes to the ZET interface improving support for MAME's Z80 emulator - some things are still broken though so DOZE is still the default
  • Added a function to the CPU interfaces to return the active CPU
  • Fixed a screen clearing issue in the CPS-1 and CPS-2 drivers when not using a 16-bit colour depth
  • Added various bootlegs to the CPS-1 driver in various states of working and attempted to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly (dumps)
  • Added offset support to the CPS-1 scroll layers
  • Added a flag to define whether or not CPS-1 sprite rendering should happen in reverse
  • Fixed an issue with rom loading in the sf2yyc driver
  • Got the sf2m3 set working and the sf2m1 set almost working
  • Added "Phoenix Edition" sets to the CPS-2 driver
  • Changed to iq_132s current Neo-Geo driver (thanks to iq_132 for updating it)
  • Enabled the decrpyted C Neo-Geo clones and bootlegs from Kawaks
  • Added two clones of Night Striker to the Taito driver
  • Changed some dip switches in the Double Dragon 3 driver
  • Added Wonder League '96 to the Tumble Pop bootleg driver
  • Updated dip switches in Wonder League Star and Jumping Pop
  • Added the 16-bit only flag to the megadrive games - fixes rendering issues in the basic blitters
  • Added iq_132s Vulgus driver
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.126

You can get it, as always, from our FB Alpha section.
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