Famicompo Mini Vol. 5 NSF Competition


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Gil-Galad has stumbled upon a really neat website (in japanese) which talks about an upcoming NSF (NES music format) competition. Here's a brief synopsis:

As of August 01, 2008 the anual Famicompo Mini Vol.5 has began. For those that don't know, the Famicompo Mini is a Family Computer (NES) music composing competition. The file format used in this competition is NSF, composed by many NSF trackers and custom made sound drivers. The first Famicompo was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Famicom, back in 2003. Since then, the tradition has continued.

If you are a NSF music composer and would like to enter the contest, the deadline is August 31, 2008. You can only submit 5 single track NSFs. A composed NSF can either be, an original, or a cover of the composers choice that must be original to some extent, not a copy of the original song. If you have a multiple track NSF, the NSF must be set to one tune. You can also use any of the expansion chips commonly used by the NSF format.

If you like good NSF music, I suggest that you stop by once in awhile to view the competition. At one time, a visitor to the site used to be able to vote at one of the competitions, perhaps it may be so with this Famicompo Mini. So far, a vote page has not been set up or any entries to view.

This website is in Japanese. I have offered some information about this competition, so that you may have an easier time understanding the page.

You may visit the Famicompo NSF competition website. Remember - it's in japanese so you might have a little difficulty navigating if you can't read it. Thanks to Gil-Galad for the heads-up.


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I would like to get more information on .NSF composers.

Where can I find programs that allow me to compose .nsf music. I suppose I could use reason or something similar, but if someone knows of something more straightforward, I would greatly appreciate it. :D

Thanks :)


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I know not quite. But I can lead you to a site that does.

2a03.org has a forum frequented by none other than the best composers for the chip that is responsible for gracing our ears with audio of the 8-bit NES. Not only can you learn about the composers as human beings, you can communicate with them to find out more about those very music writing programs you were after. ;)

Also, what else can I say in my first forum post, but, "Thanks Zophar." For one of the first sites that got me into Emulation in the first place almost ten years ago. (December 1998)


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Resurrecting a dead thread. :D

I've been listening to the entries, and entry 002 in the originals category is amazing. I can't get it out of my head.


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Resurrecting a dead thread. :D

I've been listening to the entries, and entry 002 in the originals category is amazing. I can't get it out of my head.

Even though a reply has not been made to this thread in a month, the topic is hardly dead. The entry time is now over and the voting has started, so the discussion should be continued for those that wish.

There are several that I like from both categories. I haven't quite made up my mind which ones I like the best. There are a few that I'm going to give a decent rating to.
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