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I was wondering if I might create a DS Utilities page and maybe a page for the emulators for use on the DS system. All you guys'd have to do is upload it somewhere with the files, which I have.

I just figured there's no section like those, and I have the knowledge to build one up, so if a staffer, say Flash or someone, is interested in this, let me know.
> The entire system is changing very soon.

Alrighty then, just thought I'd ask. :) It just bugs me that there isn't an NDS page for utils and such. If anyone wants help later on I have quite a few things of intrest as far as this goes.
> The entire system is changing very soon.
So that's what you've been working on. I was afraid the best emulation site on the 'net had up and died on me. Good to hear that that's not that case :)
It's just about dead. Yeah - I've offered my help more than once and was basically told that someone's too busy to give me the ability to fix anything. -- And then avoids any PMs about the subject.

Seriously. I'd have this place at least *functional* again, if nothing else.
I've looked at the Mambo install - what few changes I see are ones I made. I'd love to get to Internal Affairs, but Sam says he's too busy to figure out why I can't. I asked him for SFTP access so I could try to fix a few things; and he told me to go check out some little flash game online instead.

At the very least, I'm being rebuffed every time I try to help.
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