DOSBox PSP version 07/06/08


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An update from the PS2Dev Forums says that homebrew developer CrazyC has improved the DOSBox PSP, which apart from the fixes applied in version 06/25/08, version 07/06/08 (we named it MM/DD/YY for your reference) now flexes itself better in certain avenues of performance. Or at least - performances for certain game titles, if you got them to work.

Because one thing is for certain: the games you've found to be not working with previous versions of DOSBox PSP may remain unplayable in this version. CrazyC explains that this build was to improve performance via experimentation with the code.

And even then, the coder admits that the DOSBox PSP won't perform as well as was hoped, so don't pull your expectations up too high.

There are several files needed for this update, and they've been pooled into a single archive. EBOOT, plugins, and the new patch are in that ~2 MB download provided below. Installation and update procedures are the same as with previous releases.
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