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After two weeks of trying everything I can think of FreeHostia have finally admitted the cause of my latest problem, and it is deliberate censorship. So I've decided enough is enough, it's time to look for another new home for pointlessness.

I don't need a huge amount of space or bandwidth, nor do I have any specific desire for a domain name (an easily-typed URL would be nice though). I do make fairly extensive use of PHP though. I'm not going to exclude paid hosting entirely if the price is right, though free hosting is preferred. FreeHostia also have the rather neat feature of not placing banners or pop-ups on my site, which is something I'd not like to lose.

This is not something I've been looking forward to, but I'm not staying with FreeHostia after this. They've been consistently unhelpful and now I've found they consider a link to the front page of Mininova to be against their ToS. As far as I know, such a link is not illegal under the laws where they are (which happens to be California) and as such they should get their noses out of my business.

Edit: Thanks to Sliver-X, I now have the new hosting I've been looking for. Since I see no further use for this topic, I'll be locking it now.
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