Dolphin Goes Open Source!


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Dolphin is currently the most advanced and compatible GameCube emulator out there. It has been almost a year since the last official release of the emulator.

The authors have now decided to release the source code for the emulator under the GPL 2.0 open source licence.

Since its last release many changes have been made to the code which improve speed (especially if your running 64 bit windows), include a new cross platform GUI, a new OpenGL GFX plugin and adds preliminary support for the Wii.

The developers are encouraging the community to help fix the last remaining issues to get the emulator to a state where a new release can be made.

Further breakdown of the changes can be found at

The source code can be checked out of svn from

Thanks to the folk at the NGEmu forums for also providing unofficial builds of the latest code from the svn.

Please see the Dolphin Section for further details
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