Do we really need the archive ?

I actually read it the other day. I remembered there was a "headphones recommendation" thread and I looked it up in the archive.
I see what you're saying, but it might come in handy to be able to look back from time to time, for nostalgic reasons or otherwise.
does it really need to be in the new forum system though? I mean the old wwwthreads is still around, unless they both read from the same database, but I doubt that.
Why not delete it ? Is there someone who reads it a lot ?

By archive, were you refering to or did you mean ?

The wwwthreads board I'd really really like to see kept forever. I can't be the only one: This site is about preservation and nostalgia after all.

As for the vBulletin forum category, I think it's also nice to have everything migrated here like that, so I like things as is.
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