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What the fuck is the deal with black actors playing large abrasive women? Is this supposed to be comical? I usually have respect for Eddie Murphy and his career, but this type of shit makes me second-guess that.
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holy fuck I was just bitching about this to my brother a few hours ago.
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on the one hand, it would suck if all life became socio-politically correct. on the other hand, it seems that a disturbing emphasis exists on some particulars while others are ignored or vilified.

America's push for a rich, pearly-white-toothed, 'bad' drug-free nation comes to mind. tobacco is evil. hippies are losers. it's OK to make fun of fat women and poor people. as long as your country is kicking some other-country-ass.

i can understand that. this is a mean world. where i draw the line is having to listen to any of these fake people, as exemplary on my local morning news program.

you shouldn't be allowed to give the news with a big cheesy grin on your face during war time. maybe on a day that one of our soldiers doesn't die. i dunno.

fake tan morning news lady is such a bitch IRL. you can usually tell by her fake laugh. i wish she was eddie murphy in a fat suit.
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