Dial Up Sucks....


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Hello People,

Im obviously new to this forums, Like it so far, But what I really like about it is that its one of the few sites that takes bout 5 seconds a page to load on dial up.
I recently moved to this area, Sadly my internet didn't. I went from Cable internet to dial up. I hate how I have to do all my downloading at the library which is conveniently 3 miles from my house. But Im making the best of it. Certain online games still work (updatings them is another story),
Why is it that we live in 2011 and yet their are several areas around that still dont have decent/affordable internet? Satelites exspencive, Wireless isnt good here. But fortunatly, I can still download many emulation-related material and use that to the best I can. Thank god for this awesome site.


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It must be nice to have a library so close. The nearest library to me is 10 miles away and is a private library that charges membership fees and such. I can't even get decent dialup speeds. Our phone lines and equipment are so old and so far away that the top speed I can connect at is 28.8.

In fact, the local McDonalds is the only one within 100 miles (probably more) that doesn't offer free wireless, because they're so small that they can't afford to have people just sitting around using the Internet. The only place in town that has free wireless is the bowling alley and I doubt that's intentional.

But President Obama vowed to provide high speed Internet to 97% of the country within the next few years, so maybe they'll finally get it here after I move, which will probably be in about 4 months. I'm sure all of my Mennonite neighbors will appreciate it.

Also, the reason this site loads so well on dialup is because it uses 1990s design aesthetics. The co-owner (who was only an admin at the time) once threatened to shut down the entire site if we upgraded to a new design I built for it because it wasn't primarily black.


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Geez, I thought i had it hard :eek:

As for our highspeed internet, century link promised us that our road will have dsl some time this year, they said this at the begining of 2010 -_-

Ohh well. I only got 2 more years here. Maybe once I get a car I can stop walking to the library.
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