Diablo II: Season 5 - New Ladder!


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June 17 - http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/

Yep, its about that time of year when us sorry lot of hold-outs fire up our favorite 2D time-waster - once again into the fray of character rushes and magic find runs.

Of course, for those who haven't played in a long while, Blizzard had thrown fanatics a few bones back in patch 1.11 by way of the Keys acquired to obtain the Organs necessary to unlock the three Über-Demons: Über Mephisto, Pandemonium Diablo and Über Baal, for one entirely impossible battle to obtain a unique 'Hellfire Torch', which is a large charm possessing the godly 3-to-all-skills stat and a number of other bonus features. (I'm pretty sure that's a huge run-on sentence :p)

And when one has other friends jump on the new ladder bandwagon, its only a short matter of time before you are rich and powerful... and done playing for the season. :p hehehe

I'm still working at that.
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