Dear Diary *giggles*


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That boy in my history class looked at me again today! *giggles*

My mom says I can start wearing more eye shadow! yay! *giggles*

*AHEM* Anyway... um.. life is always changing and being something you didn't expect. Sometimes it's good, sometimes bad. Sometimes you just don't freakin know what to think of it!

I'm at work and it sucks today. Everyone just seems more stuffy than usual. It's gross! Are we people or fucking robots with nothing interesting about ourselves? Corporate America is such a bitch. I hate it. I guess I should leave and go open my own record store like John Cusack does in the movie High Fidelity. Bahhh! Well, there's used game stores. 2 problems, there's already some great ones in my town. 2, I'd take all my stock home and add it to my personal collection! Bottom line, I don't wanna sell games, I wanna buy em.

Money, sex, drugs, music, God... can't we all just get along??

I need b33r! Something must put a rest to these internal ravings of a lost soul. If we had more of a forum for this shit in everyday walks of life, I don't think there'd be such a problem. But here I am in my cushy white collar job - AKA - people full of bullshit pretending their meaningless corporate drivel actually makes a difference in any significant way.

Money is the only difference that I see. So why don't we all just drop the act and recognize, yo!

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> Holy shit man I think that you are on to something with that
> whole owning a record store idea! That would so kick ass.
> I know a lot about music, and I like a whole lot of shit,
> and I think that I could even get some shit to start up
> with! I think that you just gave me the greatest idea that
> I have ever had. Everyone needs to stop by and buy
> something to support my new venture... Sweet! Hey Pudu you
> sure that you do not want to be partners? I'd let you drink
> b33r on the job... :: smiles ::
Beer on the job"?!? I'm in! ;)

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