Damaged or nulled track?


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Greetings to everyone in the community. This is my first post.

from: http://www.zophar.net/gym/sonic.rar
Sonic The Hedgehog I
Sonic - 15 - Spring Yard Zone.gym
archived size shown: 1,756,259
total playback time shown: 0:00

Baiscally no playback at all. Is it damaged?
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It sounds kinda messed up in the GYM version anyways, download the VGM log from http://project2612.org/Project2612</a>. VGM pretty much replaced GYM long ago. Hopefully they'll make a ripped formate to replace VGM one day as well.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Richter X on 04/23/07 06:27 PM.</FONT></P>
I have checked the website you've recommended, and found missing bits an pieces. Not much of a difference I've noticed in *.*vgz overall perfomance from *.*gym.
I do have a question though, how is it *.*vgz benneficial from *.*gym format?
What I've noticed about *.*gym format that is it is compressed it has a small size near 200KB approx., decompress it and it will grow to 2mbyte each track. strange nasty stuff. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your help delivered in a promt manner.
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