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Well, I was just rummaging through the crap in our kitchen looking for something to cook as we're out of pre-made food and soups. Being the lazy jerk that I am, I thought it would be great if there was a website that has recipies catered to the ingrediants I have at hand. I select the ingrediants currently in my kitchen from a large list of items (which it saves to my account to use again later), then it recommends food to prepare and has a recipie. Just a thought.. *shrugs*

If you've ever been, think, but for food instead of alcoholic beverages.

Does this exist, or just in my own personal fantasy land?
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I heard that if you type the ingredients into Google, along with the word recipe, it brings up pages with recipes for the food you specified. Probably a load of crap, but it's worth trying.
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Well, since I've gotten into cooking the website I reccomend is

They have some recipies there, but there are cooks there that can answer your questions about substituting ingrediants and other things. Their forums are excellent!
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Not exactly what you're looking for, [] has a search by ingredient feature. You list ingredients you want and ones you don't want and it spits back recipes. My wife uses it fairly often.
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I know this topic is ancient, but I just stumbled onto WikiBook's massive cookbook:

Tons of delicious-sounding stuff in there.
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sometimes i use's cooking sections. i usually make the chinese and japanese food listed there, though the chinese food definatly has a better layout.

there are others, but those two are what i use.
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