Converting Sega Music to multi-track format?


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Hello all,

I'm basically looking to make my own personal remixes of Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis music but would need access to the separate tracks from each song. I'm a running a Mac (I'll wait for the jokes to settle) and basically want to have the various samples available to mix in Logic. What programs formats do I need in order to accomplish this? Thank you all for your help.

Your best bet is to use a VGM player or plugin that allows muting of channels and record each channel individually. I just tested out the in_vgm plugin for Winamp, and it does let you do this, but it's not exactly convenient. You have to go in to the plugin configuration and mute channels from there. You could play/record all tracks with 1 channel unmuted, then repeat again for the next channel, and so on. I know Wianmp will allow output of files straight to wav. I'm not sure what your options are on Mac. You may also be able to mess with one of the emulators to get the same effect, though I can't provide any more specifics. Good luck!
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