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Damnit I love life!

I wouldn't say I have loads of friends, but all my close friends I can count on my hands and dammnit they're all so cool in their own ways. My friends are the shit and I wouldn't trade them for the world. We can have fun doing anything, be it playing chess with random condiments while waiting for a pizza to arrive at our table during lunch break between classes, or be it reading each other's away messages and seeing who can be stranger.

There's nothing more fun than having strange conversations when walking next to people we don't know.
Friend: I took the biggest shit today. It was so big that it actually hurt when it came out.
Me: Oooh, I like those.
Friend: It was nutty too!
Oh my gosh, I don't think it can get any more fun than that.
My college fuckin rules. There are all these fine chicks and I'm not a loner anymore like I was in high school and it's so much fun to check them out and have them check you out. Damnit girls are so fine and their provocative clothes that they wear when it's 90 degrees outside is even better.

My classes are easy. I play Gameboy in them all the time. My job is great, I just sit around and chat with my co-workers, who are pretty good friends of mine. Honestly, I enjoy life so much that I hardly ever do drugs or drink.

But it's not like I'm against those things. When my friends from out of town come in, it's so much fun to all get high and discuss the possibilites that Alanis could have done with her second album. It's great to be mad drunk and try to carry an intelligent conversation about how humans are polluting the earth and how we couldn't survive without technology. It's so great to be absolutely sober and rap with your friends about stupid stuff like how much money you wish you had and what you'd buy with it if you had it. It's wonderful to drink rum with old friends in your room, despite the fact that rum tastes like ass straight up and download programs that you're not going to install, all the while yelling, "yarrrhhhh" and claiming you're pirates, despite the fact that you have classes in 3 hours and are going to have a mad hangover, to which one of your responsible friends will laugh at you and then play "Girl from Ipanema" in the car while you're driving to school in some sort of attemt to ease your suffering. Oh and then you meet a girl who is hitting on you, but your head is too sore to say anything witty so you try to act like you're one of of those deep artistic types who thinks much but says little. AND SHE STILL GIVES YOU HER NUMBER!!! Or laughing at your friend because he got caught blatantly staring at a girls lucious cleavage for like 5 seconds until she told him "If you looked at my face you might have noticed I was telling you to fuck off!" Oh the joys of living in the present and not worrying about the future.

Damnit, it's so great to make mistakes and then learn from them! If you're hung-over and your stomach feels like shit, you should then proceed to eat something and not let your stomach sour for a day like I did!

Damnit, life is great. I guess I'm posting this so that if I ever forget how great my life is, I can look at it and remember all the things I used to do to have fun. Sorry if this is cheesy but I wanted to do it and it's my diary, so if you don't like it, don't read my next one.

All I gotta say now is DAMNIT!

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Sounds like yer livin the good life, chum. Keep it up!

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