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Hello my name is Adam also known as "Koolboyman". You might know me for my ROM hacking work, or you might not. Either way, I'm the staff member taking care of ROM Hacks, and I'm hoping to improve the quality of it.

ROM Hacking Policy

I will not accept every hack coming in, only quality or at least "C minus" quality ROM hacks will be accepted from now on. If your hack meets the policy, there should be no problem getting it in. If you're not sure your hack will be accepted or not AFTER reading the policy, submit it anyway. If your hack gets rejected, it will be posted in the "Hack Rejection Thread", explaining why it wasn't accepted, which will also set an example of what not to do in a ROM hack. Feel free to resubmit it if you've fixed the problems. If you have any questions, suggestions, or are simply confused by one of the paragraphs in the policy, let me know and I'll try to explain it to you easier. I'll try to go through the submitted hacks as often as I can, and I'll post your hack on the front page once it's accepted. Tell your fellow hackers to submit here, as long as they meet the guideline that is!

What does this mean for the countless amount of hacks that were already submitted? I won't be deleting any of these. For popular games, I will be dividing these up into categories, making it several times easier to find quality ROM hacks, instead of downloading ones by random and hoping it's good or not. Here's an example:

Super Mario Bros. 1 - Big Hacks
Super Mario Bros. 1 - Minor Hacks
Super Mario Bros. 1 - Graphics Only

If you feel a hack should be moved into a separate category, tell me why and I'll look into it. Some hacks were literally on the fence of being big or minor. I'm still working on separate sections, remember, I have to play EVERY hack in these sections to judge if they are good or not.

Happy Hacking!

- Koolboyman
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Thank you so much Koolboyman and nice to meet you.

I don't like seeing hacks with useless piece of garbage and nothing new to it. Mega man C4 or even Mega man the return of wily are impossible to finish due to the fact that are too glitchy or cannot complete the level.

The policy is really effective. I'll submit my own hacks soon including the ones in the past years.
Great call.
I once had somebody submit two sets of six hacks all of SMB.
Classifying them is a teriffic idea.
Great job Kashyar...when you get used to it becomes easier to navigate. I also like the fact you can now log in and out at the top of the home page instead of having to scroll down everytime.

I get the impression this was posted in the wrong topic, but have no idea what to do with it.
Ah, that could well be. The thing I wasn't sure about is that it didn't appear to be doing anything useful if it was a bot.
I remember when I staffed here years ago (under Elazul's command.) I was currently in the process of reviewing every single hack. I got to the Super Mario Bros. hacks and was like... "OMG, this is going to take forever!" :(
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