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Reaper man

I went through a good portion of the forum options and changed the following. Before I make these changes public, I wanted to show them to you guys to see what you think. Here a VERY rough draft of all the stuff I changed, so take a look and tell me what you think.

site name/info: changed to instead of
Why: site is no longer in beta/more accurate, will cause less domain redirects

GENERAL: meta keywords changed to something more emulation related.
Why: better google searching, some spam bots looking for any forum might just glaze over us, maybe.

fixed annoying posts read bug! yay!
why: this was a complaint among staff here. I you were to visit the forums than went to get a sammich halfway though, your posts you haven't read yet would automatically get marked as read. Also I made to where if you read all threads, the forum would automatically get read if you navigate away.

Image: added a bit more captcha security.
why: obvious reasons (spam bots) but it might have been futile since they probably use a venerability in the outdated forum software to register.

censorship: turned it off completely
Why: wasn't being used and will never be used.

registration: email must be verified.
Why: This might curb the dumber spam bots that don't check their email server.

user profile: added a few more words to the user title censor list.
why: I might enable custom user titles, and if I do, I want to make sure that no one can spoof a an admin and the like.

message posting: shout filter/image limit disabled.
why: First let's start with the shout filter. Honestly, if used sparingly, it can add emphasis to a title. Second the image limit is rather stupid. In some situations one might want to have a lot of images loaded. Hell before I was an admin, I was annoyed by the 4 (yeah, 4) image limit imposed on this forum. NOW, I disabled these features, becasue I'm trusting you to NOT abuse them. Any abuse of shouting or excessive image posting will result in a warn, followed shortly by death.

Increased edited by time (without it saying edited by) to 5 minutes
why: 5 minutes should be more than enough time to make any quick changes.

Thread rating: allow users to change
why: simple. an awesome thread can turn to shit and vice versa

search: Words to be Included Despite Character Limit: added nsf zst spc nes smc ips.
Why: need to find a thread about a certain NSF, went to search and say taht it was too short? Yeah, that annoyed me too. I really need to add more though.

Forum home page: show birthday for active users only. Show # of active users.
Why: I don't think anyone cares that joe bob who registered a few years ago is turning x years today. The # of active users gives a general idea how big the community is.

Thread display options: added "99" for User-Settable Maximum Displayed Posts
Why: This was an option in the old ZD system. It's also what I used.

Threaded mode: I will enable this if users really want it.
Why: People like threaded mode, strangely. Personally I don't, but we'll see.

External data: Enabled RSS. Let's see if that works
Why: people have been wanting RSS for a while, but as of the moment I am not too certain how to configure it. I'll have to look into it. XD

BBcode: added strikethrough
why: I like strikethrough. Strikethrough uses the "s" tag

UPDATE: I changed the link colors a bit so that they are more visible in the posts. this also seems to change the link colors in other places, meh.

anyway, that's it. Comments?
Suggestion: change the forum header. Seriously, 315px just to say we're at ZMD? It's a waste of screen space. I wrote a Greasemonkey script to replace it a while ago with this modified version:

Something like that I think is just as effective and we would gain 200px more vertical screen space out of it.
I think I only have forum admin permissions and not site permissions. From what I can see, the most I can do is fiddle with the stylesheet a bit.
It was more professional before. :D

If you wanna play it like that let's throw some rainbow text in here! :D :D Dude that would be so awesome

look I'll mess around with the color a bit more ok? Maybe I''l just make visited the same color as a normal link and increase the link lightness a tad.

UPDATE: I revised the colors to be more... subtle
I used to have a website with yellow text and purple links against a green, textured background. This is still plenty better than that.
So everyone knows...

I upped the size limit on some of the attatchments (I couldn't even upload a zip file with 3 tiny SPC files in it before). I don't think there will be a problem, but I will revert the change if somebody abuses it. :)
A nice night time theme (yawn). Definitely blending even though the white links before you changed the theme at all were even more subtle. Personally I'm used to links being the same color as the text or on the grayscale, but this looks decent.
the only reason I changed them was becasue you couldn't really differentiate on posts regular text and links. It was rather frustrating.
How about gray? I would prefer pink over yellow :D; either the colors blend in with the site's theme or they don't. Yellow is like neither.

Also check the posting system; the post features dialogue sails off the right edge of the screen to the spell check icon.

That's not pink dammit, and neither is this. That's friggin' magenta. Sprite-ripping time!

Um sorry
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Well, imho, yellow or green would be the best choices for the links. It would be nice with the blue theme, and these colors are easy to read too.

Oh, and this is pink (#FF69B4)

I don't think that yellow (#FFFF00) would be too hard to read as the links. I think the yellow would get along with the blue (#4169E1) theme also.
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