Celebrating 25 years of NESticle: 342KB that changed emulation forever


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NESticle turned 25 years old this week! it's hard to believe that so much time has past since this tiny piece of NES emulation software (NESticle.exe 0.20 was just 342 KB!) exploded onto the scene on Thursday, April 3, 1997. I wanted to take a moment to thank Icer Addis for his contributions to the community that still reverberate to this day. If you weren't around for this pivotal moment in emulation history, I've included a few links to help get you up to speed - and if you have, I bet you'll enjoy the stroll down memory lane! I also hosted a stream on Twitch earlier this week where we spent a few hours running through a few NSM speed runs from this very website back in 1998/1999, including Faxanadu and Solstice - and some former ZD staffers make appearances in chat as well! See below, and come celebrate 25 years of NESticle with the domain!

NESticle Emu Speedrun Night
Zophar's Realm on Twitch
MVG on YT: How NESticle changed NES Emulation forever
Stick_Fig: The Story of NESticle


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