bsnes v0.055

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bsnes, a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows/Linux was updated today with a very interesting feature, Super Game Boy support! So now you can play your favorite GB/SGB games along with your SNES games (of course). Here is the changelog:
  • added Super Game Boy emulation (thanks to gambatte for the Game Boy core)
  • extended hybrid scanline/cycle PPU renderer to support Mode7 register caching; fixes scanline flickering on NHL '94 title screen
  • all windows (other than the main window) can be closed with the escape key now
  • file dialog path selection now accepts typed paths; can be used to access hidden directories and network shares
  • file dialog's game information panel can now be disabled
  • fixed a crashing issue when the file dialog was given an invalid path
  • fixed screenshot capture save location
  • added screenshot capture option to tools menu
  • state manager now auto-closes when loading a state; it can be reopened quickly with F3
  • fixed GZip archive loading
  • fixed NTSC off-by-one filter bug on hires screens
  • extended Scale2x, LQ2x and HQ2x to properly filter hires screens
  • added Pixellate2x filter
You can get it at Byuu's webpage here , or here(Windows/Linux) at ZD.
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Reaper man

That was a huge pain in the ass to do though, but when I saw how much of an awesome update it was, I couldn't help but announce it myself.

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You forgot the list tags again. :p I'll fix it. Oh and yeah, that is pretty cool...never thought I'd see an emulator that emulates the Super Gameboy like that.
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