Bokosuka Wars II Preview


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I've been messing around and hacking the universally hated BOKOSUKA WARS!! game lately. So far I've updated the graphics of the game, including adding a background. I've also hacked the music engine in this game. I've left some graphics the same in order to keep the resemblance similar to the original game.

Over the next few weeks I am going to continue trying to improve the overall look of the game. Also I've been tinkering with the game mechanics and how it determines just exactly how "WOW YOU LOSE!!". Many other things that players deem the game to be annoying.

Here are some screen shots to look at as a preview.





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> hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Look who shows up to comment on one of my hacks in progress. I haven't seen you in a long long time. How have you been?

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> LMAO at this game, though I had never heard of it before.
Now you have heard of it. Consider yourself informed now, lol. I knew about this game along time ago and laughed at it many times. And now, I decided to pick the game up in an attempt to improve a little bit.

I've done some more fine tuning of the graphics all over. The graphics are nearly done. We shall see what I can add after I map out the games memory here soon.
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