BGB 1.3.1


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After a long period of inactivity, the excellent Game Boy emulator BGB has been updated. Here's what's new since we last posted an update of this emulator:

  • fixed: a DMG rom with GBC bootrom would show a white background instead of colorized palette.
  • fixed: header checksum suggestion showed only one hex digit.
  • fixed: menu->reset did not correctly reset emulation.
  • added direct3D and OpenGL output, giving accelerated graphics on windows vista/7.
  • greatly improved emulation accuracy based on lots of test roms/research, also fixing a number of remaining rom compatibility problems.
  • added VBA compatible RTC loading/saving (in the .sav file).
  • added support for the GBC bootrom.
  • fixed lots of bugs.
  • improved debugger functionality.
  • redone cheat searcher.
  • various performance improvements.
  • various gameplay experience related improvements.
Download the binary from here or from the official site.
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