Axis and Allies initial setup


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So I'm sort of making a computer version of the Axis and Allies board game as a side project. The catch is I don't actually have the game (though I've played it many times before, so I'm plenty familiar enough with it).

I found copies of the world map and instruction booklet online -- but I can't seem to find anything that has the initial setup! By which I mean how many units go on which territories and whatnot.

I figured I'd ask here on the off chance that someone actually has the game, knows what I'm talking about, and is willing to somehow provide the requested info (or... if they know where I could find it online?). I know it's unlikely, but hey I figured what the hell.... ask anyway.

I'm looking for the revised version (2004, I think) -- the one that added Artillery and Destroyers and a bunch of other crap. The original version is no good to me.

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That's a fun game. Keep my apprised of your progress number one.
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